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Little Virgencita

Because we both knew we needed some time alone
armed with the excuse
that so you don’t lose
your balance in the heat
and it was too hot for the baby’s feet
that I should carry him
In effect walk you to your car
And it wasn’t all that far.

But it was far where I was headed
And we knew each other dreaded
A journey without each other

In that state of mind you said,
“I want to give you something
it’s something special to me.”
So that it can protect you
and from harm keep you free.”

It was a little Virgencita
You were wearing at the time
and so that I’d be safe
for this trip it would be mine.

The unmentioned “Please come back”
The unheard promise “Yes I will”
All of it exchanged
in a hug where time stood still

And the little Virgencita is on my neck now.


The True Meaning

To my love:

Yes, I know, this is not a poem. Just a quick little note I thought I’d share.

While it is more romantic to say it in Spanish, I like the way “I love you” sounds in English too. It’s too bad it is overused in English, and it can apply to any trivial thing. But there is one thing the English language does as I say it to you, from the bottom of my heart.

It not just a statement when I tell you that I love you. I am not just merely saying that I am the subject and that love is a verb and that you are the object to which the verb applies. Those grammatical references are useless to explain what this phrase entails.

When I say “I love you” I am describing how we are. And it is simple to see. “I” would be alone without “you” but we are connected in this sentence, and in reality, by “love.” It’s what connects us. It’s what make us, us. It’s the reason we are drawn to each other and the reason we will be happy with each other; because there is “love” to hold us together. No matter what happens, and it will make us happy. We have “love”, and it connects us.

Yours Always,

The Observing Poet

When I talk to her I see shooting stars
and the night it flows
as it comes and goes
but one thing sure and one thing steady
this love I feel, the assurance I’m ready
to go where those shooting stars land
out of sight but still holding her hand.

Us together.
There forever
Is how it feels
in those instances
where distance is
so great we use the phone
But your voice can take me home
to where those shooting stars now roam.

After all, we are both alien
you and me.
So let our voices set us free
So like ET we use the phone
to, for a while, feel at home.

Cuz when we’re talking
the sky I’m marking
with my sight for an escape
to your lips with mine ornate.
There’s a future with you and me
in those shooting stars I see.