All we need to do is touch
and it doesn’t take that much
for the memory to recover
of when both our skins discovered

that they longed for one another
like our hearts longed for each other
and that night our bodies felt
in each other slowly melt

like little pieces of clothing
into thin, thin air
what was then left bare.

It was more than our souls we undressed
and our bodies agreed, once oppressed,
that night our reality met with our hearts
and the living room is where this scene starts:

And each kiss, was a tribute to love
each caress, sent us flying above
to a wondrous high of ecstatic thought
we flowed to the couch where things got hot.

And our bodies began for each other yearning
as if from our hearts a passion learning
and the lesson learned: we didn’t have to say
we both knew that our clothes were getting in the way

that we had to be closer
so we started seeking
with each kiss a step
to where you’d be sleeping

and once arrived
some thoughts derived
from being on a bed

the kisses thrived
where once deprived
my lips followed, your skin led

And our skin was creating a friction
and the heat was creating addiction
we both craved to completely let go
and through that unite till we couldn’t no more

“I feel you”
through thin pieces of fabric
“I want you”
and in you be ecstatic

so our hands both wandered
while our lips encountered
each other and shoulders and necklines leading
to places that left us moaning and pleading
that this drug continue
that it never cease
that it escalate more
till we find our peace

but our logic restrained us
to sensual motions
but enjoyed to the fullest
of those emotions

“We don’t have to make love,
to love one another”

“Every day of our lives,
we make love to each other”

“Amor, you are right.
Every time our eyes meet
or with just a hug greet

And the true test was here
when are hearts both sincere
wanted carnal and immediate pleasure
we both paused and took over the pressure

So we made love by deciding to wait
for a time we can close the distracting gates
to the world and in us completely release
the love that our bodies express with such ease.