So I’m watching this movie
old school style, dvd
and it’s all going to good
hadn’t done that in a while, nice to see

So I’m watching this movie
and completely out of context I think of her
and how life is threating to love defer

But I know it won’t happen
cuz our love is real
But I wish I could fasten
the speed of the reel
like the one of this movie
that I watch in this screen
I could fast forward now
to a better scene

And I wish life was like that,
with a button clicked
I fast forward my life
to a time I pick

Like the time she and I
are finally together
or a time we can kiss
while enjoying the weather

I know it will happen
I know it is coming
I just wish it was now
cuz I feel like running

away from the present
to those brighter days
but I know that I’m wrong
that it’s better this way

because every struggle to the present clinging
will make me value what the future is bringing.