There are lots of things I don’t know
that I don’t mind not knowing
but it’s torture when the knowledge grows
of a truth so real that you’re smile is glowing

And I sit, by myself, with your glow lighting the space
and your smile manifested in a smiley face

And we smile cuz we know
that wherever we go
We are meant for each other
that we love one another

I am really just a puzzle piece in this world
and I somehow got lost in between two sofa cushions
right next to an old piece of gum in its wrapper
and a long lost nickel of change
But it’s strange
because change has come into my complacent little world
content with being a lonely puzzle piece with nowhere to belong
I have found a bond with you so everlasting strong
I have found that when we put ourselves, side by side
we fit.
And we achieve perfection
save for the fact that we achieved it in a fucked up world
and pardon my French and I know you might scold
but we’re still in this God forsaken couch
that doesn’t let us be part of the greater picture
and this gum’s getting sticky
and wet with the tears we’ve been holding in.
so we have to get out

To find our world,
and get our world
because we feel its right
So do not fret
it ain’t over yet
Te kiero, good night.