I just realized that I’m selfish today

and tomorrow I’ll probably be the same.

I find that every night I pray

that your life is exciting and never lame.

That you be happy and content with life

that darkness never shade your way

That joy overtake the hardship and strife

Why this makes me selfish, I’ll begin to explain…

I just want you to be happy, I sincerely do

And that you find the one that makes you feel that way

By, to you and himself, being forever true

Knowing you already found him, and I dare to say:

Soy yo!

C’est Moi!

It’s me you say you haven’t found!

It’s me the one that’s always been around

to make you smile

and let you say

“This world is wild

but it’ll be okay.”

So I am selfish.

Overconfident? Maybe…

But that’s just how sure I am

That you’ll be happy here with me.

(May 15, 2010)