I can accept that life isn’t always fair
I can accept that I can’t drive without risking it all
I can accept that I can’t work while having it all:
a college degree, some experience, “the will”
But “the way” is unreachable, keeping me still
I can accept that I have it all and I have nothing!

But I cannot accept, and will always reject
that I cannot love
for the reasons above!
I will always fight this monster, embodied by
the racist views
against differenct hues
of my skin and tone
I will never condone
my inability to love
I will always fight this monster fed stronger by
no reaction
or ignorace
to bigger plans
of this country’s racial purification.
And it’s not just a crazy allegation
when the very fabrication
of SB1070 was by an organization
whose sole purpose is a white America.

So I won’t accept that because they’re afraid of “losing”
a country begotten by the raping and pillaging
of native villages
and ignore the truth, which is…
They are holding on to what’s not rightfully just theirs
and tearing me apart from what’s rightfully mine
I don’t wanna take over your country…
I wanna be part of it…
So that I can love the woman I love
and she can love me how it’s meant to be
without having to fear
that the end is near
when I drive to go see her.

So that getting stopped
for getting caught
in the park at night
will not give us fright
along with a vision
of total submission
to the situation that tells us that we cannot love each other
because I am undocumented
so our love is too
and that it doesn’t matter
if our love is true.

I will fight this heartless wind
I have faith that love will one day win.