And the reality of it all is just settling in.
Marriage. Both against our will.
But you, can at least love him still.
And I. Well that’s an unimportant matter.

But if this doesn’t kill me, it will leave me stronger
to handle the pain of living and with you no longer.
And it may just be never, maybe just too late,
But I just do not give damn about God or my fate.
I will keep on fighting, even against His will,
He cannot more condemn me, or cause me one more ill.

But in end, I can be happy for you
there is no rancor when I say
Be happy, and I can be happy
Even if as friend I stay.

But this hurts so much, because I will never find
another girl I can love like you
Maybe, Juan Gabriel was right, I was just not born to love,
or be loved by you. :’-(

Screw it…
I Love You and I cannot change it!
No regrets! I don’t wanna change it!
As for life? Later WE can change it!