I wish I had a crystal ball
To tell you how
A week from now
You can be ready for the rocks
This life may throw at you.
That I may tell you which baseball mitts to use
To catch them and refuse
To lose
To a problem you already know the answer to.

I want to make a time machine
And take chocolate milk with Ovaltine
To travel to those moments in your life
When times seem hard
And times seem rough
And you feel like giving
Up on love
And comfort you with the warmth
Of chocolate milk
And comfort you with the warmth
Of my embrace.

Cuz I don’t know about you…
But chocolate milk to me
Invigorates my senses
After being truly senseless
Sweet river of flavor
Starting at my tongue
Flowing into my desire
To deserve such wondrous
Exciter of endorphins.
Cuz there’s no way
I could have done
Something worthy of such flavor
Much less be worthy
Of your love.

And I would tell you
That you’re much more
Than just the flavor
Of the month or
Of the week.
This love was not born weak
It started strong
And will not cease, to release,
Its flavor.

In the end I guess I simply want to say
That I wish I had all the answers.
And I would wish to give them to you,
I like I wish to give you my love.